Brown beats the greens

first_img2nd Peter Bygballe (19) 33pts3rd Jan Ulriksen (17) 31ptsB Flight (23+)1st Daryl Evans (23) 35pts2nd Odd Holm-Hansen (25) 34pts3rd Peter Hammond (30) 27ptsCafe Kronborg golfers travelled to Pattavia today to test their putting skills We had a small group today due to the aftermath of Christmas festivities.As usual the course was in fine condition with fast greens on the sides of mountains but the caddies today were a bit choosey as to which bunkers they raked.Rob Brown, our lowest handicapper, fortunately kept out of the bunkers and mastered the fast greens, albeit that some three-putt holes prevented him from justifiably playing below his handicap. Rob Brown (from left) poses with Dave Richardson and Daryl Evans.PSC Golf from Café KronborgThursday, Dec. 27, Pattavia (yellow tees) – StablefordA Flight (0-22)1st Rob Brown (7) 34ptslast_img read more

Allidi’s 68 off the stick just falls short

first_imgThe weather was fine & sunny as we headed off in two mini vans right on time at 8.30 am and arrived at the course just 40 minutes later.  It was not too busy and we were allocated the West & North nines amid groans from a few of our players as this is generally regarded as the most difficult combination and indeed it proved to be a challenging day for most.Sandy Leiper, Jerry Dobbs & Bjarne Kjaer.We got our first group, a three-ball away 20 minutes ahead of time at 9.40 am and as mentioned earlier the skies were blue and with not much wind it was a perfect day for golf.  The golf course was looking in very good shape although understandably quite wet in parts with the greens perfectly maintained although traditionally quite slower than those at most other courses in the region.With no other groups in front of us we proceeded at a fair pace although were held up several times by having to look for golf balls that in some cases had only just strayed off the fairway.  With golf carts not allowed on the fairways winter rules were in place and the order of the day was keep the ball on the fairway to avoid the very long adjoining rough.  Luckily we were able to find our balls each time but not without considerable searching.Finishing our first nine, West, in just over two hours we commenced the North nine as the cloud cover appeared and conditions did get a little sticky but thankfully no sign of rain.  After a quick drink stop before the Lighthouse hole we carried on and without too many more delays managed to complete the full round in four hours & ten minutes.  As can be seen by the scores the going was tough but a very enjoyable round of golf on a good golf course was had by all.We were able to have 2 grades with three podium spots in each.  A Grade was for handicaps 0 to 18 and B Grade for 19 and over.  We had nearest the pins on all the par threes and longest first putts on the W9 & N9 greens which were collectively sponsored by The Growling Swan, Bob Akapita, Sandy Leiper, Brendan Byrne & Ken Blinco.  Many thanks to these guys for their generosity.The best score on the day was Bjarne “Mr Colors No.2” Kjaer who won the A Grade with 34 points, 2 points ahead of Ebrahim in second place.  In a three-way count back on 29 points for third place it was your writer (15 point back nine) who got lucky with Bob Akapita (14 point back nine) and Ken Hole (14 point back nine) just missing out.A clear winner in the B Grade was Aussie Jerry Dobbs with 32 points, 6 points ahead of second placegetter Brendan “Casper” Byrne (14 point back nine) who beat Max “Two Corsets” Bracegirdle (7 point back nine) who secured third spot.A Flight (0-18)1st Bjarne Kjaer (18) 34pts2nd Ebrahim (16) 32pts3rd Peter Blackburn (10) 29ptsB Flight (19+)1st Jerry Dobbs (24) 32pts2nd Brendan Byrne (21) 26pts3rd Max Bracegirdle (26) 26ptsNear Pins:  W3 – Bob Akapita; W8 – Roy Dayton; N3 – Ken Hole; N6 – Ken HoleLong Putts:  W9 – Ken Hole; N9 – Roy DaytonThe Growling Swan NAGA Award, (awarded to the golfer who has the worst score on the day and discreetly their score is not made public) was won by Sandy Leiper who sheepishly accepted the cap in very good spirit whilst vowing not to make it a regular occurrence.Kae, Fred Dineley & Ebrahim.In the absence of big Ken “Let’s hear it for” Bernek, who is holidaying in Bali, it was “Two Corsets” who paraded Deefa the Dog and collected many donations for the needy of Pattaya from our ever generous Growling Swan members.  We then headed back to The Growling Swan where the beers were flowing and the post mortems of the day’s golf were conducted.J J Harney turned up to say goodbye before returning to Ireland for a month or so over Xmas and apologies are forthcoming to Paul Hack who was wrongly accused of participating in the disappearance of Jim “AK47” Bell’s Monthly Mug which he won last Thursday.  The Mug was found and all is well!Thursday, Dec. 6, Bangpakong – StablefordOnce more we had a couple of late cancellations due to illness but still ended up with 24 players ready & keen to take the monthly trip to the classy Bangpakong Riverside Country Club.  On this occasion the idea was to leave 15 minutes earlier than our normal 8.30 am departure time but unfortunately my request to our minivan organizer on the previous afternoon somehow got distorted in the “translation” and when we had no transport ready at 8.10 am some frantic phone calls were necessary.We did manage to depart just before 8.30 am after we had welcomed Dick “Reverend” Braimbridge, back from his trip to Dubai, PSC Social Chairman Nigel Cannon and Michela Sancillo from Italy, now residing in Spain.  It was also time to farewell Bob Akapita & Jerry Dobbs who are shortly returning to their work in various parts of Australia.Proceeding up No. 7 at a cracking pace we arrived at the course in the record time of just on one hour and although the course was reasonably busy we just had to wait for a couple of groups to tee off before we were able to send our first group, a three ball away.  The weather was fantastic with blue sky and just a sprinkling of clouds with a gentle breeze to cool things down a little.I must beg forgiveness if I sound repetitious but I cannot cease to sing the praises of this magnificent golf course which is in pristine condition and somehow just keeps improving all the time.  The fairways were lush and the greens perfectly manicured and of course demanded respect when faced with long putts, particularly of the downhill variety.The groups in front of us were not wasting any time so we proceeded at an excellent pace and “flew” through the front nine in one hour & forty minutes which included a drinks stop.  The pace continued on the back nine and another drinks stop was necessary but still we were able to complete the full round in the impressive time of three hours & thirty minutes.  I cannot remember a quicker game of golf in 23 years of playing the game in Thailand and it enhanced the enjoyment of playing at this classy venue, which many of our 24 golfers described as being as good if not better than any course they had played before.  I’m sure our numbers will swell for next month’s outing here despite the journey being a touch longer than normal – Well worth the extra 15 minutes drive.We were able to have 2 grades with four podium spots in each.  A Grade was for handicaps 0 to 22 and B Grade for 23 and over.  We had nearest the pins on all the par threes and longest first putts on the 9th & 18th greens.The winner of A Grade with a terrific 44 points was Ebrahim, closely followed by Mike Allidi who had 68 off the stick (14 pars & four birdies) for his 42 points and second place.  Paul Hack was third with 40 points with Michela Sancillo 1 point further back in fourth spot.In B Grade it was Fred Dineley who “got the chocolates”, winning with 38 points and in a count back for second & third on 34 points it was Allan “Parrot” Tranekaer (19 point back nine) finishing just ahead of Jerry Dobbs (18 point back nine) with Dick “Reverend” Braimbridge fourth with 33 points.A Flight 0-22)1st Ebrahim (16) 44pts2nd Mike Allidi (2) 42pts3rd Paul Hack (11) 40pts4th Michele Sancillo (8) 39ptsB Flight (23+)1st Fred Dineley (29) 38pts2nd Allan Tranekaer (27) 34pts3rd Jerry Dobbs (24) 34pts4th Dick Braimbridge (36) 33ptsNear Pins:  4th – Mike Allidi; 7th – Peter Blackburn; 13th – Paul Hack; 16th – Mike AllidiLong Putts:  9th – Ebrahim; 18th – Paul HackThe Growling Swan NAGA Award was won by Kae who was somewhat unlucky as she was not feeling the best on the day but accepted the cap in fine spirit.  “Two Corsets” again paraded Deefa the Dog and collected many donations for the needy of Pattaya from our ever generous Growling Swan members.  We then headed back to The Growling Swan and continued to sing the praises of Bangpakong whilst participating in the usual fun & games.  A great day’s golf with terrific company both during & after the game.Note:  Growling Swan Golf welcomes golfers of any persuasion – low & high handicappers alike, female golfers and beginners.  We generally play Mondays & Thursdays, meeting at The Growling Swan (formerly The Bunker Bar) in Soi Chaiyapoon at 8.00 am with transport departing at 8.30 am.  For bookings or more information please contact Peter on 0806 351 386 or email to petermalcolmblackburn PSC Golf from The Growling SwanMonday, Dec. 3, Plutaluang W&N – StablefordWith a couple of late cancellations it brought our numbers down to 18 for the competition on Monday, and as we assembled at The Growling Swan for free coffee prior to our departure for Plutaluang we welcomed back Bob Akapita from Gove in the Northern Territory of Australia, Irishman Chris Walsh, and Frank Donnelly, returning from his trip to Queensland, Australia. last_img read more

Bar owners vexed over Euro 2012 broadcast fees

first_imgBar owners, knowing full well the games are being shown on terrestrial television – which can be shown in any bar or restaurant without a license – see the move as something akin to extortion.“To show Euro 2012 in the club, I will have to buy a set-top box and pay a 2,000 license fee from the rights holder, even though it will be broadcast live on terrestrial TV,” one long-time Walking Street go-go bar manager complained on the Twitter website May 25.In Pattaya, GMM Grammy has authorized the Inter Music Copyright Co. Ltd. to be the distributor of the set top boxes, which are also available at 7-Eleven stores and Big C shopping malls around town.  For more information, call GMM Grammy on 02 841 8888 or go to their website at At a May 24 meeting at the Pattaya Police Station, executives from GMM Grammy Co. which holds the exclusive Thai broadcast rights for the June 8-July 24 tourney, and Deputy Police Superintendent Lt. Col. Kietosak Srathong-ooi announced the plan to force bars and restaurants to buy the TV box to legally show the games.Police warned the entrepreneurs that anyone who hasn’t bought the license – similar to the “music license” bars are forced to pay simply to play tunes on their premises – will be deemed to be breaking the law and could be subject to fines and/or prosecution. Pattaya bar owners have been told they must buy a television set-top box and pay a 2,000 baht license fee to show the Euro 2012 football tournament which kicks off next week, even though the games will be broadcast on free TV.last_img read more

Jens Gunnarsson bags a hole in one

first_img1st Petri Nurmi (8) 30pts2nd Martin Harrington (10) 30pts3rd Phil Groves (7) 29ptsDivision 2 (15+)1st Hal Hart (24) 33pts2nd Benny Hansen (25) 32pts3rd Vincent Gras (19) 30ptsRed Tees1st Jan Deenoi (32) 22pts2nd Kitti Ulvio-Peltonen (11) 21pts Once again a large turnout, that thankfully was accommodated by the management of Pattana, even though they were already under pressure from the usual big numbers arriving for a sports day on a Monday.Hal Hart.Despite there being a large field consisting of three divisions, the CSS for the day went out to 74 off the yellow tees, as most of the tees were set back nearer the blues, making it a long trek for most and the fact that there were a large number of single figure handicappers in the list of hopefuls just underlined the difficulty of the day.The first division was taken by Petri Nurmi, who said he could not remember winning a prize at six over let alone win the competition.  Petri edged a count back over Martin Harrington with a better 16 to 15 while Phil Groves got to touch the folding with a less than stellar round in third.The second division showed a bit more form, being won by Hal Hart at three over handicap, which was enough by one to put Benny Hansen into second with Vincent Gras third another two shots back.The Red Division saw Jan Deenoi win her maiden tournament by the slimmest of margins and if at first sight the score looked well under the normal winning total, second place was taken by an 11 handicap with all the other contenders also holding higher handicaps.Kitti Ulvio-Peltonen had the only ‘2’ in the first division while there were none in the second division, in fact there were only five threes in the second division, all of them on the short 2nd on C course.Dave Howden.Before the presentations were made there were welcomes for new members Mark Lang, Dave Steward, Bjorn Wirkola, Martin Harrington and Knut Soderholm together with welcome backs for David (the good) Knight and Graham Johnson.Wednesday, Jan. 16, Khao Kheow B & C – StablefordCSS 74Division 1 (0–15)1st Dave Howden (14) 36pts2nd Jens Gunnarsson (15) 34pts3rd Petri Nurmi (8) 31ptsDivision 2 (16+)1st Knut Soderholm (33) 33pts2nd George Pittam (18) 31pts3rd Steve Bickle (16) 31ptsRed Tees1st Marita Eeva (16) 32pts2nd Paul Juutilainen (20) 27ptsMike Korney.Once again three divisions were well catered for by Khao Kheow, even though they all had to start from the same tee, making for a long wait for the final groups.  But once started, the rounds progressed at a good rate and all finished in less than four and a half hours, although once again the scores were difficult to make even with the course in excellent condition.Division one was led in by Dave Howden, playing his last round of this trip before returning to deep winter in the UK, with a level handicap return that was good by two ahead of Jens Gunnarsson in second place, who had other things to celebrate over the last fifteen holes.  Petri Nurmi took his second podium placing of the week after winning a count back of 18 over Alan Hanlon and Lyle Blaw who scored 15 and 14 respectively.The second division saw another maiden win, this time for Knut Soderholm, and even though the total was over handicap he was still extremely delighted when he discovered he had won.  George Pittam took second spot after a better count back of 16 to 15 ahead of Steve Bickle.The Red Division was won by new comer Marita Eeva with Paula Juutilainen taking second place a few strokes back and the rest of the division a long way further behind them.There were no 2’s in the first division but Vincent Gras and George Pittam had one each in the second division but they received nothing for their efforts as Jens Gunnarsson swept the two pots by slotting in an ace on the par 3 third hole on the B course, which was playing a measured 168 yards on the day.  He had obviously picked up a tip or two from the previous day when he had been playing behind Cliff North, also a member, who had a hole in one playing out of the Links.Steve Bickle.Strangely Jens was reluctant to have his picture taken with the special hole-in-one bag that is presented to all members getting an ace when playing in competition with the IPGC, possibly because he was supposed to have spent the day shopping with his wife but had used the excuse he was slipping down to Soi 6 for the day.  He did however blow the horn several times to celebrate the event quietly.Back at The Haven there were welcomes for Marita Eeva and Harri Ingman together with welcome backs for Steve Bickle, Phil Stevenson, John Wood, Dan MacCarthy, Wilf Wellman and George Pittam, Serge Straeten and Johnny Clements.Friday, Jan. 18, Mountain Shadow (blue tees) – StablefordCSS 75 NCDivision 1 (0–16)1st Steve Bickle (16) 35pts2nd Phil Groves (7) 29pts3rd Lyle Blaw (10) 28ptsDivision 2 (17+)1st Mike Korney (20) 33pts2nd Phil Stevenson (23) 30pts3rd Hal Hart (24) 29ptsAlthough there were again large numbers we were one short of the three division mark so this day no Red Division.Also for the third time in the week the playing conditions were so hard that the CSS went up, this time by three strokes and the day became a non-counting event.Steve Bickle, having adjusted to the time difference and having been able to arise early enough to make the leaving time for the second day in succession, went two better on the podium and won by a short street from Phil Groves, who again touched the some loot with a score that he would wish to forget.  Lyle Blaw also joined them on the podium with a slightly bemused expression as to how it all works in Pattaya.The second division had Mike Korney almost dancing, commenting that “it feels almost as good as watching Ice Hockey at the moment”, as he took his first win for a little while by three from Phil Stevenson, with Hal Hart again showing up, this time in third and another point behind.Phil Stevenson had a double success on the day, slipping in a 2 in the second division to claim the pool to himself as Rick Schramm and Alan Pilkington shared the first division.Alan’s 2 was in fact as good as an ace, which he had achieved a couple of weeks earlier to win his hole in one bag, as he knocked it in from 140 yards having on the stroke index 1 seventh hole to claim five points which very neatly doubled his score for the front nine, to make it a real curate’s egg of a round.Prior to the presentations there was a welcome for Neil Hawes and also welcome backs for Brian Lewis, Graham Howard, Steven Howard and Mick Bogunovich.Note:  If you would like to play with The Haven group, you can contact mobile 082 219 0965 or call in to The Haven Hotel, at 185 Soi 13, between Beach Road and 2nd Road.  All transportation to the course is arranged and you do not need to sign up prior to the day, but you should be there by 8.15 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on the days that you wish to play.  A schedule of courses to be played can be found on our web site at IPGC golf from The HavenMonday, Jan. 14, Pattana C & A (yellow tees) – StablefordCSS 74Division 1 (0-14)last_img read more

Lady archer makes a winning return

first_imgThe sun defied the monsoon rains for a few hours on Sunday 11th October and shone for Pattaya Archery Club’s most unique fun shoot.  The eventual winner was Siripraphai Hearn, the only woman shooting on that day.  Her prize was a voucher for two breakfasts at the prestigious Marriott Hotel in Second Road. Siripraphai’s achievement was all that more remarkable as she had not picked up a bow in over two years due to a medical problem with her wrist.  She shot her bow just two weeks prior to the tournament for the first time since her wrist gave out on her, but such a long lay-off did not diminish her skill, she shot exceptionally well.  The final target was a long slim balloon, just two centimetres wide, swinging in the wind on a target 18 metres away.  She nailed it with one arrow.  Brilliant shooting!Pattaya archers pose for a group photo at the fun shoot on October 11. There were five Thai archers in total taking part … four men in wheelchairs and Siripraphai.  Their opponents were six foreign archers, one each from England, Wales, Germany, France, USA and Russia.  The Thais were the better shots, aiming at targets including green plastic bottles, balloons and a unique, never-seen-before, star shaped target, based on playing cards and dice.During the competition there was a lot of cheering, clapping, joking and laughter amongst the club members present.  All the credit for this was due to the ingenuity and unconventional thinking of Joachim Albrecht, a long-time club member from Germany.  He had volunteered to organise a fun shoot which would be different from other fun shoots the club had held in the past.  And in that respect he was outstandingly successful.Nobody knew until the very end who had won, as Joachim had devised a twist in the tail.  The roll of a dice gave a loading to each competitor’s scores.Siripraphai Hearn lines up the golden shot.Over a long archery career in England, the club’s 73-year-old President, Eric Hearn … yes, the husband of the winner … had attended many fun shoots all over southern England and yet had never seen such an ingenious, original, and cleverly-organised fun shoot before.  All credit to Joachim.All archery competitions are normally won by the highest-scoring archer.  But that did not happen here.  Joachim wanted to design a competition where the type of bow and the archer’s degree of skill did not matter at all.  He wanted a level playing field.  His objective was to organise a pure fun shoot where good archers with modern Olympic-style recurve bows had no advantage over novice archers with less sophisticated bows.The club’s best archer, Philippe Bach from France, was shooting his Olympic-style recurve bow with a sight, stabilisers, and carbon arrows with spinwing plastic fletchings.  The total opposite to Philippe’s modern bow was Eric’s medieval-style Hungarian horse bow, a centuries-old design which shot wooden arrows with turkey feather fletchings.  This was the most difficult-to-shoot bow in the competition as it has no sight, is very short, very powerful and very unforgiving.  Nowhere near as easy to shoot as an Olympic-style recurve bow, but then that’s the fun and challenge of archery.Yet Eric, who shot his horse bow immediately before his wife made her winning shot, put his last wooden arrow right next to the balloon.  Just a couple of millimetres away from bursting it.  He laughingly suggested his arrow had acted like a path-finder for Siripraphai’s winning shot, but no one believed him.The youngest archer was Herman Gnezdilov, a 12-year-old boy from Russia,  He was shooting a club bow he had never shot before, and yet was able to put some arrows very near the target.Pattaya Archery Club President Eric Hearn (left) presents the first prize to his wife Siripraphai.The Thai men in wheelchairs, Wisit, Piya, Ter and Suphan were all past students at the Redemptorist Vocational School for the Disabled, in central Pattaya.  They are all excellent shots and scored well in the competition.  They started their archery careers by being coached at the Pattaya Archery Club’s range in Hua Yai, on the outskirts of Pattaya.The newest club member with the least archery experience was the American Patrick Quinn, only everyone knows him as ‘Paco’.  He was shooting a modern recurve bow with no sight or stabilisers, and was particularly successful at piercing a hanging green plastic bottle swinging in the breeze 18 metres away.When Joachim had totalled the scores, it was left to the President to present the prize to his wife.  Keep it in the family!  Everyone heartedly applauded Joachim for his outstanding contribution to a morning of very unusual archery.  A real FUN shoot in every sense of that word.  It was just as well he was doing the organising and scoring, and not taking part in the shooting … for he is a very accurate archer, and would have been a formidable opponent … despite shooting a modern recurve bow with no sight or stabilisers.Trying archery in PattayaPattaya Archery Club meets on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, beginning at 10.00 am and finishing at about noon or thereafter.  Everyone is welcome to come along to the Pattaya Shooting and Adventure Park in Hua Yai and find out what it is all about.Beginners’ coaching is held on any of the club’s meeting days.  The coach’s services and the use of the club’s bows, arrows and other equipment are free for beginners, and so it costs nothing to see if this challenging sport is for you.For more details and a map of the archery range’s location, visit Pattaya Archery Club’s website at www., or telephone Eric, the club’s President, on 089 535 1193.last_img read more

Peter Masters – the real master

first_img2nd Sean Connolly (10) 40pts3rd Joe McArdle (11) 36pts4th Erik Donnestad (4) 36ptsOnce again Peter Masters proved to be the master of golf on Sundays and the man that everyone has to beat to have any chance of getting to the top of the podium at the regular weekend competition at Green Valley.  Another round well below his handicap meant another win and a further one shot reduction in handicap to add to the previous results in competition, which has seen his handicap reduced eleven times in fourteen competitions since the middle of July with a total of five shots reduction, a truly remarkable run of form that shows no sign of abating any time soon. Sean Connolly also had a great day but just missed out on the top spot with the worst of a count back of 21 to 20, leaving him in second spot.Joe McArdle slipped into third place with another winning count back of 19 to 18 ahead of Erik Donnestad whose 76 gross was the best of the day.Peter Masters.As usual the prizes were presented at the Golf Bar and indoor driving range hosted by John and Jeff Ryves, who always make the golfers on Sundays and Donovan’s competitions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays very welcome.Monday, October 3, Pattaya Country Club – StablefordCSS 711st Trevor Schirmer (15) 37pts2nd Rod Crosswell (14) 36pts3rd Ole Stamnes (27) 31pts4th Erik Donnestad (4) 31ptsTrevor Schirmer is another player who is performing and appearing regularly among the list of winners but steadiness around his handicap is his strong point as he showed once more in winning the warm-up for the IPGC Monthly Medals.  His solid one under handicap round was just sufficient to see him home ahead of Rod Crosswell at level handicap.With all the courses continuing to be affected by the recent heavy thunderstorms the day’s competition  was again played under ‘lift and place’ in the fairway local rules which helped to make the day a lot more enjoyable as the players contended with the usual wet weather drawbacks around the course generally.There was then a larger gap back to third and fourth with the placings decided by a count back which Ole Stamnes won against his golf tutor Erik Donnestad by a margin of 16 to 15.There were no 2’s in the second division but Trevor Schirmer slipped in the only one in the first division as Yasuo Suzuki missed two short ones to dampen his day out.Before presenting the prizes The Doc welcomed back Yasuo Suzuki and Erik Donnestad from either end of the world.Friday, October 7, Pattana B & C – StablefordCSS721st Erik Donnestad (4) 37pts2nd Trevor Schirmer (15) 34pts3rd Rod Crosswell (14) 30pts4th Alan Pilkington (9) 29pts5th Grant Cadell (15) 28ptsErik Donnestad, having shown well twice previously in the week, at last got to the top of the pecking order with a solid gross 75 that translated into 37 points on a wet and windy day that saw all but the strongest struggle.  In fact Erik was the only player to equal or better their handicap as even the now normal ‘lift and place’ local rule hardly helped to mitigate the extra length required with so little assistance from the course.  But everyone was agreed that apart from the extreme dampness the course was in otherwise excellent shape considering the amount of water that had obviously fallen over the previous few days.Trevor Schirmer was again among the winners with a handicap holding two over round that was easily enough to take second spot.Rod Crosswell stuck to the task well enough to claim third by a hairsbreadth from Alan Pilkington with Grant Cadell another shot back in fifth.Once again there were no 2’s in the second division but Trevor had one again on his own in the first division.Note.  The Haven group now departs Soi 13 at the earlier time of 9 am until further notice.  If you would like to play with the group you can contact mobile 082 219 0965 or call in to the hotel at 185 Soi 13 between Beach Road and 2nd Road.  All transportation to the course is arranged and you do not need to sign up prior to the day, but you should be there by 8.30 on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and 9.00am on Sundays on the days you wish to play.  A schedule of courses to be played can be found on our web site at IPGC golf from The HavenSunday, October 2, Green Valley – StablefordCSS 711st Peter Masters (9) 40ptslast_img read more

Local sailors make waves at Phuket King’s Cup Regatta

first_imgBurapha University also had representation in IRC2 with a crew skippered by Satian Puranawit and a boat named after the University.  He spoke of the Regatta’s prominence and appeal; “I’m so excited to join the Regatta for the first time, and so glad to bring students who are national athletes in the name of Burapha University to compete with sailors from around the world.  This is a phenomenal event for the international sailing circle in Thailand.  The Regatta improves the Thai athletes’ skill to a higher level because they compete with many experienced sailors, learning a lot with each race.“It also attracts more Thai youths to sailing”, he continued.  “The competition was well organised and had very good race management.  We will definitely be competing again next year if we have support from the University and from other sponsors.”Fellow Thai skipper Suwan Poopoksakul skippering “Lawana”, an X-512, battled in the highly-competitive and international Premier Class with entries from China, UK, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, and Thailand.  In fact, a majority of the vessels competing in the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta had at least one Thai crew member.  Overall, there were 74 Thai sailors who took part in the competition, making the Kingdom the fourth most highly represented nation in the whole Regatta.It is fitting that Thai sailors should demonstrate such capable ability at the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta which sails under the auspices of His Majesty the King of Thailand, and which was celebrating its silver jubilee last year.Koravic and Biranubongse Bhanubandh.“Sailing is one of the sports His Majesty loves to take part in,” said Biranubongse Bhanubandh, a sailor who has sailed since 1987 and began on dinghies.  “20 years ago, sailing was regarded as an upper-class and costly sport.  So its prevalence was limited to specific groups of people and the development was delayed.  But then there were supportive factors to raise the popularity of sailing, especially the duty reduction which was a considerable turning point for sailing development in Thailand.  It made sailing more affordable and led to the development of Thai sailors’ skills, and now we have world champion Thai sailors.”A majority of sailors competing in the International Dinghy Class racing series were Thai, thanks to strong efforts by the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta Organising Committee who worked to encourage more Thai youngsters to take up the sport.  Thailand can be particularly proud of its performance in the Optimist; Noppakao Poonpat from Sattahip was the 2011 World Champion, and the Thai team took the Team Optimist World Champion title the same year, and, not coincidentally, Noppakao is the niece of Wiwat Poonpat, skipper of the winning Royal Thai Navy 1 in Phuket.  (Source Vivaldi PR)“Burapha University” sails downwind at the 25th Phuket King’s Cup Regatta. (Photo/Rolien) The Royal Thai Navy based in Sattahip entered two boats into the competitive IRC2 racing class, skippered by Chief Petty Officer First Class Wiwat Poonpat (Royal Thai Navy 1) and CDR Pornprom Sakultem (Royal Thai Navy 4).  The Royal Thai Navy teams have sailed consistently well at recent regattas in Thailand, and true to Thailand’s history as a successful sports sailing nation, “Royal Thai Navy 1” swept to victory in IRC 2 Class again in 2011.Wiwat Poonpat (left) skippered “Royal Thai Navy 1” to victory in the IRC 2 Class. (Photo/Guy Nowell) The Phuket King’s Cup Regatta, held every December, attracts more and more Thai sailors each year and the 2011 edition saw Thai sailors taking podium places throughout the series.last_img read more

Dolphins stumble to home defeat against Chainat

first_imgIf it were an away match, Pattaya United’s players would probably be asking for the goalpost and crossbar diameters to be checked by the officials.  Even Chainat’s coach conceded afterwards that the visiting Hornbills were a little fortuinate after seeing the efforts of several Dolphin players ricochet off the post and crossbar in the two teams’ Thai Premier League encounter in Pattaya last Sunday, July 31.Pattaya United’s Spanish defender Fran González (27) carries the ball forward against Chainat FC during the Thai Premier League match at the Nongprue Stadium in Pattaya, Sunday, July 31. (Photo courtesy of Chainat FC)Both teams started scrappily but Pattaya soon got into their stride, dominating play and getting off several shots on target.  The pressure paid off as the Dolphins took the lead through Supravee’s beautiful strike into the top right corner of the Chainat goal in the 25th minute.The Hornbills dangerous forward, Sinama Pongolle was being well marshaled by the Pattaya defence but eventually he did make an impact, equalizing via a disputed penalty on the half hour mark and then putting the visitors into the lead 2 minutes before the half time break.  It was a cruel blow to United who had dominated for most of the half.Pattaya pressed forward after the break and saw several goal bound efforts cleared off the line or denied by the woodwork.  They had to be wary however of the dangerous Chainat counter attacks and it was through one such move in the 63rd minute that the Hornbills increased their advantage as Pongolle’s shot rebounded off Patiwat and fell fortuitously at his feet of Sho who tapped in from 3 yards out. With United camped in the Chainat half and getting more desperate for a goal, the visitors finally put the game out of reach in the 84th minute via another lightning counter attacking move that saw Sho score his second goal of the match.Two minutes later Pattaya defender Jae Ho succeeded where his forwards had faltered as he connected with a corner kick to make the score 2-4 but it proved to be too little too late for the Dolphins.With 9 games remaining, United need at least 5 more points to stay safe of relegation zone but they still have an outside chance of a top 10 finish.  The Dolphins’ next game is away to Super Power Samatprakon on the 6th August.last_img read more

Matchups for the PIAA girls basketball tournament

first_imgPenn Hills senior players from left, Marlon Herring, Jade Reese, Baylea Anderson and Jasmine Baxter accept the runner up trophy after losing to Norwin in the WPIAL Class AAAA championship game Saturday.It was the first time in 20 years the Penn Hills girls played in the championship game. (Courier Photo/William McBride)Matchups for the 2015 Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association girls’ basketball tournament, including sites and tip times for the opening rounds. First number is district and place, second is season record.CLASS AAAAFIRST ROUNDFriday, March 6Pittsburgh Obama Academy (8-1, 16-8) vs. Penn Hills (7-2, 16-10) at Taylor Allderdice HS, Pittsburgh, TBANorwin (7-1, 21-4) vs. Pine-Richland (7-5, 21-5) at Hempfield HS, Greensburg, 6Altoona (6-1, 13-11) vs. Bethel Park (7-4, 20-5) at Hollidaysburg HS, 7:30Erie Central Tech (10-1, 20-4) vs. North Allegheny (7-3, 22-3) at Mercyhurst Prep HS, Erie, 7:30Central Bucks West (1-1, 28-1) vs. Hempfield (3-7, 17-9) at Council Rock South HS, Holland, 8Philadelphia Central (12-2, 12-8) vs. Upper Dublin (1-5, 21-6) at South Philadelphia HS, 6Spring-Ford (1-4, 17-10) vs. Radnor Archbishop Carroll (12-3, 16-7) at Plymouth-Whitemarsh HS, Plymouth Meeting, 7:30Pittston (2-1, 22-3) vs. North Penn (1-7, 20-8) at Wyoming Area HS, Exeter, 7:30Nazareth (11-1, 20-6) vs. Mount Saint Joseph (1-8, 23-5) at Bethlehem Freedom HS, 7:30Palmyra (3-2, 24-4) vs. Garnet Valley (1-6, 24-4) at Lebanon HS, 8Central Dauphin East (3-3, 23-2) vs. Parkland (11-3, 17-9) at Lebanon HS, 6:30Cardinal O’Hara (12-1, 19-5) vs. Radnor (1-9, 20-7) at Lansdale Catholic HS, 6Cumberland Valley (3-1, 27-1) vs. Boyertown (1-10, 27-2) at Harrisburg HS, 6:30Downingtown East (1-3, 22-7) vs. Cedar Crest (3-4, 23-6) at Harriton HS, Rosemont, 6Abington (1-2, 24-5) vs. Red Lion (3-6, 16-9) at Council Rock South HS, Holland, 6:30Easton (11-2, 20-7) vs. Mechanicsburg (3-5, 23-3) at Bethlehem Freedom HS, 6 SECOND ROUNDWednesday, March 11QUARTERFINALSSaturday, March 14SEMIFINALSTuesday, March 17CHAMPIONSHIPSaturday, March 21At Giant Center, Hershey, 6 p.m.CLASS AAFIRST ROUNDFriday, March 6Bishop Canevin (7-2, 16-10) vs. Cambridge Springs (10-3, 19-6) at Canon-McMillan HS, Canonsburg, 6Carlynton (7-3, 19-6) vs. Redbank Valley (9-2, 18-7) at Plum HS, Pittsburgh, 6Harbor Creek (10-1, 17-9) vs. Chartiers-Houston (7-7, 17-9) at Mercyhurst Prep HS, Erie, 6Neumann-Goretti (12-1, 26-0) vs. Camp Hill Trinity (3-3, 14-10) at Archbishop Ryan HS, Philadelphia, 6Minersville (11-1, 25-2) vs. Montoursville (4-2, 22-3) at Martz Hall, Pottsville, 7Camp Hill (3-2, 20-5) vs. William Bodine (12-3, 12-9) at Lebanon HS, 5Dunmore (2-1, 23-3) vs. Mount Carmel (4-3, 21-3) at Scranton HS, 7Central Columbia (4-1, 21-4) vs. Holy Redeemer (2-2, 23-2) at Shikellamy Fieldhouse, Sunbury, 6Imhotep Charter (12-2, 21-5) vs. North Schuylkill (11-2, 24-3) at Archbishop Carroll HS, Radnor, 6Saint Basil Academy (1-1, 16-8) vs. Philadelphia Academy (12-4, 12-7) at Plymouth-Whitemarsh HS, Plymouth Meeting, 6York Catholic (3-1, 23-4) vs. Scranton Holy Cross (2-3, 18-7) at Red Lion HS, 7:30Seton-LaSalle (7-1, 19-7) vs. Westmont Hilltop (6-3, 17-8) at Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic HS, Pittsburgh, 6West Middlesex (10-2, 17-7) vs. Greensburg Central Catholic (7-6, 20-4) at Sharon HS, 7:30Everett (5-1, 21-4) vs. Bellwood-Antis (6-2, 24-2) at University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown, 8Karns City (9-1, 22-3) vs. Burrell (7-4, 21-4) at Clarion HS, 7Bishop McCort (6-1, 22-3) vs. Our Lady of Sacred Heart (7-5, 21-4) at Central Cambria HS, Ebensburg, 5 SECOND ROUNDTuesday, March 10QUARTERFINALSFriday, March 13SEMIFINALSTuesday, March 17CHAMPIONSHIPFriday, March 20At Giant Center, Hershey, noonCLASS AFIRST ROUNDSaturday, March 7Lebanon Catholic (3-1, 17-9) vs. Lourdes Regional (4-3, 18-7) at Lebanon HS, noonPhiladelphia West Catholic (12-1, 5-13) vs. Williams Valley (11-2, 16-8) at St. Joseph’s Prep HS, Philadelphia, 1Old Forge (2-1, 12-10) vs. Millville (4-2, 19-6) at Marywood University, Scranton, 2:30Phil-Mont Christian (1-1, 24-3) vs. Greenwood (3-4, 8-16) at Cheltenham HS, Wyncote, 2:30North Penn-Mansfield (4-1, 20-5) vs. Halifax (3-3, 18-9) at Williamsport HS, 2Shenandoah Valley (11-1, 21-4) vs. Faith Christian (1-2, 24-4) at Martz Hall, Pottsville, 1Christian School of York (3-2, 20-7) vs. Math, Civics & Sciences Charter (12-2, 12-8) at Dallastown HS, 4Tussey Mountain (5-1, 22-3) vs. Portage (6-4, 21-4) at University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown, 1Vincentian Academy (7-1, 25-1) vs. Southern Fulton (5-3, 15-10) at Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic HS, Pittsburgh, 1Clarion (9-2, 15-11) vs. Bishop Carroll (6-3, 17-6) at Clarion University, 4Bishop Guilfoyle (6-2, 20-5) vs. Riverview (7-4, 17-8) at Altoona HS, 1Kennedy Catholic (10-1, 22-1) vs. Elk County Catholic (9-3, 26-1) at Sharon HS, 2:30Blairsville (6-1, 23-2) vs. Cameron County (9-4, 15-10) at Hollidaysburg HS, 1Meyersdale (5-2, 17-8) vs. Quigley Catholic (7-3, 19-5) at University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown, 2:30Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic (7-2, 20-6) vs. Cochranton (10-2, 18-6) at Canon-McMillan HS, Canonsburg, 1Venango Catholic (9-1, 21-6) vs. California (7-5, 24-2) at Clarion University, 5:30SECOND ROUNDWednesday, March 10QUARTERFINALSSaturday, March 14SEMIFINALSTuesday, March 17CHAMPIONSHIPSaturday, March 21At Giant Center, Hershey, nooncenter_img SECOND ROUNDTuesday, March 10QUARTERFINALSFriday, March 13SEMIFINALSTuesday, March 17CHAMPIONSHIPFriday, March 20At Giant Center, Hershey, 6 p.m.CLASS AAAFIRST ROUNDSaturday, March 7Forest Hills (6-1, 20-2) vs. West Perry (3-4, 22-5) at Altoona HS, 2:30South Fayette (7-2, 19-7) vs. McGuffey (7-7, 19-8) at Chartiers Valley HS, Bridgeville, 1Blackhawk (7-1, 23-3) vs. South Park (7-6, 15-12) at Ambridge HS, 1Mercyhurst Prep (10-2, 21-4) vs. Elizabeth Forward (7-4, 19-6) at Edinboro University, 2:30Punxsutawney (9-1, 16-7) vs. Chartiers Valley (7-3, 20-5) at Clarion University, 1Villa Maria (10-1, 20-5) vs. Beaver Area (7-5, 19-8) at Edinboro University, 4Archbishop Wood (12-1, 22-4) vs. Northeastern York (3-7, 18-9) at Archbishop Ryan HS, Philadelphia, 2:30Lewisburg (4-1, 15-10) vs. Scranton Prep (2-3, 24-2) at Williamsport HS, 3:30North Pocono (2-2, 23-3) vs. West York (3-3, 28-1) at Marywood University, Scranton, 1Gwynedd-Mercy (1-1, 22-4) vs. Bonner-Prendergast (12-3, 14-9) at Upper Dublin HS, Fort Washington, 2:30Honesdale (2-1, 22-4) vs. Allentown Central Catholic (11-2, 24-3) at Marywood University, Scranton, 4Mastery Charter North (12-2, 18-5) vs. Merion Mercy (1-3, 15-10) at South Philadelphia HS, 2:30Conrad Weiser (3-2, 20-8) vs. Athens (4-2, 22-5) at Governor Mifflin IS, Shillington, 1:30Bethlehem Catholic (11-1, 26-1) vs. Lancaster Catholic (3-6, 22-5) at Allentown Allen HS, 2:30Greencastle-Antrim (3-1, 24-3) vs. Charles Audenried (12-4, 17-5) at Dallastown HS, 1Pope John Paul II (1-2, 19-7) vs. Berks Catholic (3-5, 23-5) at Spring-Ford HS, Royersford, 2:30last_img read more

Baker back with Nationals for ‘one last album’

first_imgIn this March 15, 2016, file photo, Washington Nationals manager Dusty Baker sits outside the dugout during a spring training baseball game against the Houston Astros, in Kissimmee, Fla. (Photo: John Raoux, AP)Former pitcher Mark Prior ran into Dusty Baker in San Diego last year at a scouting event his old manager’s son was participating in. Baker was out of baseball after being fired by the Cincinnati Reds, but baseball wasn’t out of him.“You can tell the desire and the fire is still in him,” Prior said. “He wants to try to win a World Series. You can tell that it eats him up a little bit that he’s been close a couple times and hasn’t been able to punch through.”With his passion as strong as ever, Baker needed an opportunity. Last fall the Washington Nationals gave it to him, hiring the 66-year-old to replace Matt Williams as manager.When veteran pitcher Bronson Arroyo heard the news, he texted Baker, “Hey, back at it again.” Baker replied: “Yeah, one last album.”Baker’s last album could be his final chance to win the championship that has evaded him. The challenge for the old-school baseball lifer is to guide the stacked Nationals _ led by Bryce Harper, Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Ryan Zimmerman and Jonathan Papelbon _ back to the postseason after their 2015 collapse.“He’s great with young players, he’s good with veterans,” said retired outfielder Doug Glanville, the ESPN analyst who played for Baker with the Chicago Cubs. “I’m very curious to see how everything evolves with him in D.C. with personalities like Harper, young guys who are kind of new-school … and meshing that with the team that’s got a lot of talent.”Baker led the Giants, Cubs and Reds to the playoffs and won the National League pennant with San Francisco in 2002. None of those teams were arguably as deep or as talented as the 2016 Nationals.Those who have known Baker for decades aren’t worried about how he’ll adjust to more modern sabermetrics or video replay. It’s his ability to connect with people that sets him apart.“Communication may be a little higher than knowing your Xs and Os,” said Nationals first base coach Davey Lopes, a longtime friend of Baker and the godfather to his daughter. “You can have all the Xs and Os and there’s a lot of guys that can’t communicate, they can’t get these guys to take it to the next level. That’s not Dusty’s situation. For me, I’d say he’s one of the best communicators I’ve ever seen.”Despite being 30 years older than the Nationals’ oldest players, Baker is still one of the boys. He proudly wears his wristbands and the jewelry he jokingly calls “the Mr. T starter set.” He often has his signature toothpick in his mouth, which is actually a Tea Tree Australian chewing stick that Baker uses to try to avoid dipping tobacco.Despite his deep baseball roots, Baker’s interests lie beyond the game.Former players recall him bringing vegetables from his garden into the clubhouse and quoting rapper 50 Cent in speeches.While he was not managing, Baker got involved in solar and wind power, jumped into the wine business, traveled to Montana and Canada and spent time with the Native American Cheyenne tribe. Arroyo said Baker went into one pitchers meeting and said he’d talk in a different language each day and they’d have to guess what it is.“He’s a real worldly guy,” Arroyo said. “You know the commercial `The Most Interesting Man in the World?’ Dusty’s like the second-most interesting man in the world.”“I call him the chameleon because he can adapt to anything and fit in anywhere, any place,” former player Eric Karros added. “He’s somebody that can walk into a room and you can have six different cultures and he fits with everybody and there’s no uneasiness. Everything’s comfortable.”Baker is really comfortable in a manager’s office, conceding he missed the game and that people tell him now that he looks happy again.All of Baker’s worldliness won’t help him decide who to pinch-hit or when to pull a starting pitcher from a game. The reputation of wearing out pitchers’ arms dating to his time with Prior and Kerry Wood still follows him around, but Prior said he doesn’t fault Baker for how injuries derailed his career.No matter Baker’s decisions, his confidence engenders loyalty among players that goes along with his decades in baseball and the authority that comes with those experiences.Baker commands respect from his World Series-winning playing career and 20 seasons as a major league manager. He signed on for two years with the Nationals, which made Arroyo smile after hearing Baker say for years that he once dreamt of winning a World Series in a red uniform.“Seeing him come back, it’s great because he is such a fixture of baseball’s voice,” Glanville said. “I thought it was really important that he pass that torch in a way that he can end on the note he wants to end on.”___Follow Stephen Whyno on Twitter at .last_img